Monday, October 03, 2005

Climbing Kebnekaise - Donate Here

I've managed to set up a donation page where you can send money online through a secure server directly to the Breast Cancer Care charity.

The page can be found at

I figure that if I am going to freeze my nuts off at 2000m above sea level, the least you can all do is dig into your pockets and send in a little money for this fantastic cause.

Seriously, I'd be very grateful.

** Now almost £500 raised! With promised donations from the UK the final figure looks like being close to £1,000!! It's still not too late to donate, so please, anything you can spare would be fantastic **

Marcus, Karen, Gavin, Shazzer, Mum and Neal, Natasha, Gina, Deb, Polly, Lucy, Dad and Glyn, Baz,Vi, the lovely Julia and Mark M - Thanks for your donations. If I could kiss you all I surely would!

(and special thanks to mtmoore for helping me set this link up)